Specialty Services

Lafourche Urgent Care offers several specialty services for your health care needs. Our clinic provides full digital X-ray services with our modern radiology suite. Images are interpreted in real-time by a Board Certified Radiologist. Our full-time radiology technologists are always on hand to provide onsite digital X-ray imaging with the best quality possible. For broken bones and sprains, we offer complete casting and splinting services in our larger Orthopedic treatment suite. Some of our other specialty services include suturing of lacerations and foreign body removal (including foreign body in the eye). We also offer EKG diagnostic services for a rapid, painless evaluation of your heart. EKG results help our providers to differentiate serious causes of chest pain and elevations in blood pressure.


Call the clinic at (985)532-2387.

If you are having a medical emergency or believe that you may require hospitalization, please dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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